Visionary Fiction?

        From the moment I started writing I wanted to share stories of daily life that through any reality lead to a spiritual awakening and discovery of human potential. My characters are not victims but individuals who have chosen to grow and left behind narcissism to begin the path of growth and conscious evolution beyond perpetuating our childhood traumas. Admirer of Carl Jung and Positive Psychology, my stories and novels have characters willing to face all the aspects of their personality.

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
Carl G. Jung

          I could have taken a different course and specialize in self-help books but I’ve never felt inclined to it because I’m a storyteller. In addition I’m allergic to gurus, sects and all sorts of typecasting. Giving advice seems pedantic. Nevertheless, when I started working on my new website, I realized I had to explain what kind of writing I produce and I found the term “Visionary Fiction”, which in Spanish roughly translates as Narrativa / Ficción Visionaria.

          My first reaction to this concept was the same type of allergy mentioned, as this involves marking genres and impoverish the stories which themselves are already integrated. There has always been narrative with spiritual elements under different names: religious, metaphysical, new age, self-help, but this group (Visionary Fiction Alliance) defines this genre based on the ideas of Jung and that was enough to continue reading, subscribe to their website and use the term in the heading of my site.

             Chances are that in the future I’ll discover another name that defines me better, understanding that each person is a world unto itself, I’m afraid that if I keep on looking in order to please all, I’ll end up with seven billion possibilities.

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